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Company Culture

people oriented 
Employee-oriented , create higher employee satisfaction, sense of belonging, and sense of honor, motivate employees' sense of innovation to better serve customers; customer-oriented , create higher customer satisfaction and credibility.
Integrity first, common development
Promote yourself and others, keep your promises, insist on treating people with " sincerity ", manage enterprises with " morality ", create internal harmonious relations, build a harmonious enterprise, pursue the common development of employees, enterprises, users and society for mutual benefit and win-win.
Persist in innovation and pursue excellence
Jinmao people have a positive innovation mindset, are willing to innovate, dare to face the setbacks and risks in the innovation process , calmly deal with failure, perseverance, continue to pursue excellence , guide the trend , and create real value belonging to customers .
Our Mission 
Add color to the world, create value for customers, benefit the world, and benefit employees .
corporate vision 
To be the best comprehensive service provider in the dye industry .
core value 
Integrity and Pragmatism, Knowledge and Enlightenment, Unity and Cooperation, Innovation and Strength
Business philosophy
Transform resources, create benefits, everything around the market, everything for customers
Entrepreneurial spirit
Climbing with weight, bravely moving forward, pioneering and enterprising, scientific development
Corporate style
Scientific and rigorous, diligent and pragmatic, keep improving