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84 Disinfectant(500ML)
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84 Disinfectant(1)

It is suitable for the disinfection of hard surfaces such as the environment and the surface of objects.


Liquid 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml, 25000ml, 50000ml

[Main active ingredients and content] This product is a high-efficiency disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main active ingredient. The effective ingredient content is 3.5% -4.99%.
【Formulation】 Liquid
【Types of killing microorganisms】 can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria and E. coli.
【Scope of application】 Suitable for surface disinfection of objects in homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, enterprises and other public places.
1. Sterilize eating utensils: Mix the water with the original solution at a ratio of 1: 9 (pour half a pot of water into 6 lids), and place the utensils to be sterilized in the diluted liquid for 20 minutes.
2. The surface of general objects (toilet, toilet, ground, etc.) and the environment of public places (drain pipes, ditches, trash cans, etc.): use the original solution to mix with water in a ratio of 1:29 (half a bucket of water into 4 lids), soak 20 Minute or wipe with a rag or mop, or spray with a plastic pot.
3. Fabrics (towels, etc., especially colored clothes should not be used): Use the original solution to mix with water at a ratio of 1:29 (pour half a bucket of water into 4 lids), soak in water for 20 minutes and clean with clean water.
[Notes] Notes:
1. Disinfectant for external use should not be taken orally. Keep out of the reach of children;
2. Non-combustible;
3. It is corrosive, can cause burns to the human body, and is allergenic;
4. Protect from light and store in a cool, dry and ventilated place; store temperature should not exceed 30 ℃.
5. It should be stored separately from acids, and avoid mixed storage.
【Validity Period】 12 months / 1 year
[Specifications] 500ml / bottle, 1000ml / bottle, 5L / barrel, 25L / barrel, 50L / barrel
[Hygiene License] Luwei Xiaozhengzi (2020) No. 1341
[Executive Standard] GB / T 36758—2018
【Production enterprise name】 Shandong Haohua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
【Manufacturer Address】 No. 1922 Yingbin North Street, Lingcheng District, Dezhou City
【Postal code】 253500
【Contact number】 0534-8421588
【Facsimile】 0534-8322577
【Website】 http://www.gelidedyes.com
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